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Re: It’s official

It is with great regret that I am announcing my retirement from the d-board. Some have called me the most prolific character in the history of this useless board. You will no longer see hilarious posts by B-Rad aka B-Rizzle aka B-Rizzy aka Brad Dog 20/20 aka B-Rod aka the route 3 lady killah aka tailgate tommy.

You can catch me in pilgrim next year as my son makes the step up from EHF elite and makes me proud while representing new England’s premier youth hockey organization.

You can all get back to Aidan Brayden & Kayden and who has more skid marks in their tighty whiteys and which EHF gold teams slob mothers have smaller c section scars. B-Riz will be knee deep in Range Rover snizz next year. I would like to thank all my imposters. If you ain’t got haterz you ain’t popppppppin.

I’d like to thank all my fans and those who have supported the Riz over the past year. Shout out all the daddy coaches & milfs.

B-Rizzy out
B-Rizzy is and will always be a legend in my eyes. All these PHL / BHL dads giving you a hard time. No more legendary yoga pants posts? Please reconsider Mr. Rizzy. You are an elite d board poster. Come back
Poor old B-Poopy lmao

Re: It’s official

Sorry you got cut from the DBoard! LOL

Re: It’s official

But wait, B-RAD... What about that "special time" you were gonna give me???