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Re: tryout results.....

Unlike boys club hockey which has a top team for each year/age, the girls teams are in two year bands like town hockey, so 11&12s on 12U, 13s&14s on 14U, and 15s&16s on 16U. For the better orgs, the top team (Tier 1) is is usually made up of mostly the best, older girls for the age band and the second team (Tier II). As an example, for U14, it is usually the org's best 14s on the 14U, and the top U13s primarily comprise the second team at U14 level. Obviously there are a few exceptions where some 13s are so good where they will be be on the top 14U team. So basically, the girls flip flop between the top and second team every other year coming up the ladder. Normally the larger orgs are unlikey to keep more than a couple of the older kids on the second level team because they want to keep their best younger age kids as they will be likely be on the Tier 1 team the next season. Basically, they want to keep the age group together so they are strong their first year in band at Tier II and they strong again in second year as Tier 1, with only the exceptional players being on Tier 1 both years.

So overall, it is normal for very good players to be on the second level team every other year. For the better, bigger orgs the top tier is Tier 1 and plays in the Tier 1 state tourney and national if they qualify. The second level team is Tier II and plays in the Tier 2 level state tourney and nationals. Some smaller orgs only have Tier II teams. Orgs with can only send one team to Tier 1 states and one team to Tier 2 states, so those are typically the statebound and national bound teams. All teams below that are not eligible for states/nationals. As such, third teams are basically whatever mix of age kids they can find to fill the team.

Re: tryout results.....

Here is a little insight from the other side.

Lots of the posts are spot on. Cant paint all tryouts with the same brush, as coaches and individual teams have different needs and different styles.

I can tell you this. If i had communication (I initiated the communication) with a family prior to tryout and told that family to come to tryout it was a done deal that I was taking that kid.

If i had a family reach out to me (they initiated communication) I would have an honest communication of what are needs are (ie - everyone is coming back but one and there are one or two spots available). If I knew the kid and family and I knew they would not make the team I would be honest. I tell them that I have had a few kids who are interested in those spots that would be ahead of your kid. If these kids came to tryouts I would contact them within a few days and tell them that I didn't have room and in some cases help and facilitate their transition to another team or program.

If I had a family show up that I personally know at tryouts with no prior communication that didn't have a chance of making team I would contact them and tell them and also help facilitate a transition elsewhere. I owe them that contact as I know them and will see them in the future.

If someone shows up at tryouts, I don't know them, and have had no communication either before during or after tryouts, then they fond out they didn't make it by never hearing from me.

You guys forget that they tryout info states that you will be contacted by the team if awarded a spot, it does not, at least in our case, say that we will contact you if you didn't make it. In fact it specifically states that you will be contacted within 48 hours if you have been selected.

remember, a coach owes you nothing if you randomly show up at a tryout. Just like the family owes the team or coach nothing in this situation.

Re: tryout results.....

I have had a coach reach out to me in January to bring my kid skate with the team, showed interest, said come to tryouts and then blindsided us by not taking him... No one got contracts before tryouts, just verbal commitments, some were valid, others not.... If you do not sign a player agreement (or electronically register these days) before tryouts - go to any and all tryouts because you may not be on the team. Many a kid has been burned by a bad communicating coach...

Re: tryout results.....

Hi "Other side",
Are you talking mostly younger kids like 12U and under or older? I ask because I see a lot of reaching out and communicating for second year mite through pee wee but it seems like a lot of kids randomly try out for U15, U16, etc. randomly and there is more movement given all the half year teams, high school, etc.
Thanks coach

Re: tryout results.....

You are somewhat correct. I have stuck with the same process through u 16, u18, and even tournament teams though.

The communication is not as important at the older ages. As most parents and kids don’t have the anxiety associated with the younger years. And they self awareness is sometimes a little better.

There are lots of teams and lists of movement in some cases at the older ages. Kids show up just to get ice or compare themselves to a certain team.

Kids start having influences from high school and prep coaches or people advising them, but at the end of the day the players and families have realized that the team isn’t important and as long as they are playing it’s fine, as most are doing skills outside the program or strength and conditioning elsewhere.

Basically the lack of communication at those older levels is either finally av wired by parents or not that concerning.

Don’t get me wrong. Coaches are still trying to finagle all the way through u18. I think my kid was invited to a dozen tryouts his 16 year.