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Re: tryout results.....

Hi "Other side",
Are you talking mostly younger kids like 12U and under or older? I ask because I see a lot of reaching out and communicating for second year mite through pee wee but it seems like a lot of kids randomly try out for U15, U16, etc. randomly and there is more movement given all the half year teams, high school, etc.
Thanks coach

Re: tryout results.....

You are somewhat correct. I have stuck with the same process through u 16, u18, and even tournament teams though.

The communication is not as important at the older ages. As most parents and kids don’t have the anxiety associated with the younger years. And they self awareness is sometimes a little better.

There are lots of teams and lists of movement in some cases at the older ages. Kids show up just to get ice or compare themselves to a certain team.

Kids start having influences from high school and prep coaches or people advising them, but at the end of the day the players and families have realized that the team isn’t important and as long as they are playing it’s fine, as most are doing skills outside the program or strength and conditioning elsewhere.

Basically the lack of communication at those older levels is either finally av wired by parents or not that concerning.

Don’t get me wrong. Coaches are still trying to finagle all the way through u18. I think my kid was invited to a dozen tryouts his 16 year.