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Re: Family Advisors

If your son is a true top 1%er, no worries he will be contacted by a free agent/advisor. Always.

If your son is one of the rest of the 99% of hard working capable hockey players looking to continue playing in college,
then you don't need an advisor if he is a top player on his team. Coaches notice the top players and their coaches push them on schools.

If your son is not a top player and wants to play in college, paying and advisor to find some team that needs his position filled will not change that. If he is not good enough it doesn't matter where he plays. If he is not good enough to play in college for team A he is still not good enough playing for team B.

Paying an advisor only makes sense if you have no good options. In that case, for a price, they will make calls to find a place to play.

Re: Family Advisors

If its down to them making calls for you, you can have your son/daughter do that for themselves.

Re: Family Advisors

The most economical Advisor for 99.9 pct.of kids is a call/ letter of recommendation from any number of Bender's current/former coaches, special skills coaches, tourney coaches, and Org's "powers to be". The hope is the Org gains some "press" by having your Bender graduate their program to play big boy/girl hockey.

It's a small, narrow road in college hockey. If your kid isn't a 1 percenter on the ice, then he/she better have the grades of Einstein, the pedigree of Gretzky, the money of Gates, some wildly unusual family circumstance or in the case of hockey, a diverse background, either ethnically or geographically.

Re: Family Advisors

How does one understand / navigate this process?
How’s your Uncle Scurvy doing this fine evening? 🤣🤣