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Re: 08 timber

How many of those kids from the top 08 EHF teams are going E9? 6? 7? ... Best 08 hockey next year will be in in the E9 North division: Only 4 teams. All really good. BA is loaded. Seacoast will be loaded. Warriors got a lot better off a pretty good base ... Maybe EHF will figure out playing Breakers, Bandits, Huskies every other week isn’t good for the league overall or for player development. Plus daddy hockey killed BJE and TG. Thanks for coming 08 EHF. It was a fun ride. E9 08s are stacked. 😂😂😂.

Have fun being big fish in a small pond 🤣🤣🤣

Re: 08 timber

08 in general rough year. Teams imploding. Eagles losing 3, Top Gun losing 5, MMF Gaining 2, MFF losing 2, BJT losing 1, IHC losing 2, SSK going with a numbers game rostering 11 forwards hopefully a few stick

1. MMF
2. MFF
3. BJT
4. BJE
5. IHC
6. BSB
7. SSK
8. TG
9. BB
9. CJH (no team)
10. PHC (no team)
You are so far out of the loop it's not even funny. I think someone's messing with you.

Re: 08 timber

Not sure why I am surprised at the number of kids jumping off the Fed ship. I think my surprise comes from the notion that Fed parents were more into wins/losses,MHR, stats, dump and chase coaching tactics and not into core development hockey skills.

If the above is true, I was wrong to think all Fed parents were youth hockey elitist.

Re: 08 timber

Mff losing more then 3
BJE losing defense
Cjh will have a team
Phc will have 09s play on 08
Huskie kids going to top gun

Re: 08 timber

No cjh 08 team

Re: 08 timber

No cjh 08 team
Not really breaking news. Masscon always blows up at bantam.

Re: 08 timber

Yale 08 a dub

Re: 08 timber

Back when they coin the phrase "powerhouse" they were thinking of this 08 class of Massachusett teams..