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Re: Sheryl crow

Also they will be living with me part time until they find a home. We live in Lynnfield Ma . But they will travel anywhere to play up to an hour away.

Re: Sheryl crow

There are several options nearby, including Americans, Warriors, Top Gun, Islanders, Spartans, Vipers, Icemen, etc. I recommend reaching out directly to these programs. Some coaches are willing to make accommodations if he is a talented player.

Playing in town is another option. Tryouts are still ongoing and most likely he will end up on the top team. Competition is decent at this age.

Re: Sheryl crow

If he’s any good islanders... if not it doesn’t matter the rest of those teams suck.

Re: Sheryl crow

I agree that islanders are the best of that bunch. But Top Gun has a great coach and finished the year strong.

Re: Sheryl crow

I believe TG picked up a new kid from the Patriots mid-season that's very talented but has an absolute nutjob for a father. Good luck with that.

Vipers are good but losing a few kids to elite teams next year.

If the kid is talented, there's nothing wrong with joining a T1 team for a year and move up after that.

Re: Sheryl crow

I’d try top gun or islanders 1st. I wouldn’t recommend Americans or Vipers. Both those programs aren’t built for top end players plus play in dumps for rinks ( hockeytown and Kasabuski) The Americans are all old Mass bay chiefs kids and the Vipers are town hockey kids . If you can stretch the ride I’d suggest Boston advantage . Hands down the best place for youth development.And if you look in all the division their teams are top 1 or 2. Warriors at that age is a dumpster fire . You would think they would take the best players from the Americans and put them on the Warriors. Americans at that age don’t hold much merit as a program of much destination for top talent . Warriors 2012 team isn’t very good but in the long run is the better route going threw the years . I would put the Predators ,Vipers, jr Rangers and Americans at the 2012 age together in regards to “last resort” places to play .