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Re: Delusional parents ruin youth sports

Ha I’m a clown.. go to college.. sorry I graduated from Harvard.. no one cares about elite hockey or little Johnny hockey goals scored ..sorry my lights were low when commenting cause I don’t spend all day sitting on the couch reading the dboards and pretending I know what’s really going on in the youth hockey world !
Thanks loser for responding, obviously what I wrote intrigued you enough to comment. Sorry was that college enough for you ..
If you graduated from Harvard, then I'm Walter Gretzky.

Re: Delusional parents ruin youth sports

what happened at MassConn? I saw some of that 08 tryout and there was very little talent. Dad try to buy that team too?

Re: Delusional parents ruin youth sports

Say it ain't so
No need to elaborate.
Just get the EHF and E9 owners/coaches/parents to watch the new mighty ducks and all will be put right with youth hockey