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Re: E9 Knights

Gotta trust the process with Lovell hockey.

If you are chasing good teams in good leagues or want to do the top tourneys at the younger levels then it’s not for you.

If you are looking for a kid to develop and play at a high level later you have to trust their process.

I have seen many a kid who have stuck with the knights and Lovell’s from a young age who have developed into very good players and surpassed many of their peers.

If the latter is your goal then I don’t think their is a better option in that geographical area.
Name 5...ok 2 players out of raynham who developed and went on to high level hockey. You’ll struggle with 1.
There is no process. There is no magic formula.
What is your barometer for high level hockey ? D1 ?

The program has been around for only 8 years. So you are just starting to see the kids who have been there for that long move on. There will be more to come.

And I said “Lovell hockey” because those kids that are on that path spend time in hingham as well as raynham.
You stated “many a kid who stuck with the knights”. It’s just not true.
No program has a magic formula, but teams like the Eagles, BA, VJW and IHC can back it up with kids who have played at a high level. The knights are not BA. Neither are the Icemen or the Giants.
The program is what it is. Enjoy the ride.
And I stand by that quote. Kids that have been there are performing at a high level and will continue to. Kids that have played their entire youth hockey in raynham are now at the age where they are moving on. They will eventually have the track record of those programs that you mention that have been in existence far longer.

I will never defend the BHL. leage sucks. Just know that there are kids that have played in that league that are head and shoulders above some EHF kids.

Let’s stop painting with such a broad brush when it comes to leagues and programs.

Take a look at he the kids who have been there since 2013. They have developed pretty well and there is no denying that.

Re: E9 Knights

Just another organization that calls themselves “Elite” and plays in the BHL , which couldn’t be any further from elite hockey.

Re: E9 Knights

Just another organization that calls themselves “Elite” and plays in the BHL , which couldn’t be any further from elite hockey.
They are elite just ask the parents of the benders picked after three or four that said no to the spot they ended up with.
At best could compete with Ehf lower gold/ silver.

Re: E9 Knights

These teams are full of kids that have to tape their ankles