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Re: I miss hockey!

Talk about living through your kid. Get a life loser.

Re: I miss hockey!

and you're on the dboard commenting on a thread . . .

Re: I miss hockey!

I have zero video footage! Need to get on that for next year. My bender is set with a camp and a couple of skills series + tournaments. I guess just wait a couple of months for the first tourney

Re: I miss hockey!

LiveBarn works for footage. Don't miss out on watching the game and being present. If your kid does something really cool that you want to remember, just make a note of the period and time on the clock to make it easier to find that moment again.

Re: I miss hockey!

I'm in a mini depression. who else? What do you miss/not miss? I miss the hustle and bustle of getting to the rink, the thrill of the comeback games, the drinks in the parking lot with the other obsessed parents. I don't miss the missed pass, the ineffective d, the missed shots. what can I do to fill the void?
I think there is an ex duxbury high school coach who would be more than happy to fill your void.

Re: I miss hockey!

I miss pounding on the glass and screaming at the 60+ year old ref who looks like he’d rather be anyplace else. I miss talking to the poor soul who is unfortunate to stand near me how certain kids are letting the team down and holding my soon to be superstar back and we’re thinking of moving on next year. I miss berating the 15 year old kid in the lobby making 7 bucks an hour on the injustice of having to fill out a COVID pass. I miss getting away for a few hours from my wife who stopped coming to games with me a long time ago. I miss drinking just enough to almost be a borderline DUI driving my kid home from the rink.

I miss hockey.