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Re: Wizards vs Assabet

Assabet records....NEGHL National Division (top level)

U19. Could not field a team.
U16. 0-5-2 last place.
U14. 3-5-2 4th place.
U12. 8-5-6 4th place.

Current roster D1 college commits:
Assabet zero
Wizards at least 7
Eagles at least 10
Breakers at least 4

But sure, they are building. Be smart send your kid to Hogwarts.

This shows me you have no clue what you are talking about. But I agree with you on Assabet...
Feel free to look up any of the numbers when the rosters come out for next year. I might be off a kid or two. Hogwarts is the better option than Assabet. Then again, anyone is a better option than Assabet.

There are two things for a parent to research. College exposure or fun. If you want college exposure, then you probably need to be on competitive U16 or U19 teams. If you don’t have a competitive team in your program, then you will likely be moving at some point. You have no kids at skills pushing the envelope, or just walking around as role models for the younger kids.

The other item is fun. And that is not Assabet. The old man is always going to be lurking around the place. The Wizards are a money machine and have loads of teams, so your daughter will play somewhere.

Exposure: Eagles, wizards, breakers kids get the approximate same exposure that counts - Beantown, NAHA & Wizards holiday and National tournaments. Assabet right now will get the exposure but as/if teams continue to deteriorate they will not get the automatic berths anymore. The current U19 teams have more commitments than what you have listed.