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Re: What team to play on?

Sorry but I am clueless and need help with decision. Squirt aged son signed with Eastern Hockey Federation Tier One Team but the Elite coach asked us to play with them instead. We have already seen a few of the elite practices but like the Tier One practices and team much better. Am I doing my son disservice by not allowing him to play Elite? Also, is it considered rude to turn down the Elite coach?
What kind of panties are you wearing
This guy get its. The question isn't whether or not your son should be playing Tier 1 or Elite. The question is... are you a Tier 1 mom or an Elite mom? Are we talking 2 year old granny panties under those frumpy Walmart leggings, or a tight fresh thong gripping your toned under carriage under some lululemons? My guess is the latter... Elite coaches can smell Elite meat curtains a mile away.
Be careful! Frequently all the time and money is spent on renovations to the roof, siding and front porch to improve curb appeal...only to find that the curtains are old and worn out with a musty smell.

Re: What team to play on?

Go with the elite team. This way he can talk about how he played elite hockey during his youth while playing in his beer league at 26