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Re: Attleboro rink

Thank you. I personally like the rink. And from my keyboard warrior anonymity I have actually heard the rink is in very good shape. But what do I know?

Re: Attleboro rink

Can anyone sum up what he said? Too many words.
Yep...rink is doing are back skating and enjoying themselves...everyone needs to keep their mouths shut with all their negativity....and not sure when D&D will open back up...
I took it as rink manager is pretending he’s totally fine with APT,GDS,Giants, Devils when in reality he’s not at all. He wants Giants,GDS and APT out in the worst way. He wants everything to himself just like his buddy at Walpole did.

Re: Attleboro rink

Rink sits empty, restaurant and dd shuttered for a year. Its in real trouble
How does it sit empty- played out of it the entire year - seems to be running fine. Pretty sure DD and the restaurant are closed due to covid and Baker the faker....