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Re: Burn out remedy

Here lies the problem, does anyone here ask their super star if they want to play? Go to practice tonight? Attend a skill session, camp, game? Shoot pucks, workout?

99 percent of the lugnuts on this sight kidnap and hold hostage their super stars life until, oops, they have no life! And then eventually, no hockey!

If you're not giving your kid an opportunity to say, no, then shame on you! There is nothing wrong with missing a practice, a game, a skill session etc. If you are not at the very least asking, on occasion, want to go bowling, a movie, vacation weekend,play another sport, anything but hockey, then shame on you.

Shame on who now? The real issue is that burn out sneaks up on kids, particularly the ones that want to play every day and beg to specialize in one sport. The hard part is convincing these kids to take the time for other activities and even down time. As a parent I know I need to work at building in quality time away from the rink or what’s their absolute favorite thing to do now will be their least favorite before you know it.

Re: Burn out remedy

I don’t know a single decent youth player in our town and we have more than a few that aren’t multi-sport athletes. I can see it at high school level but before that? Don’t generally see it.