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Youth Hockey
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Re: Umass

Last year Mass and Minnesota both had 8 players drafted in NHL draft.

Re: Umass

Carvel turned Umass into a NE Patriot like scouting, mental acuity, and information machine. They have more scouts than the Army Rangers, more bird dogs than the Texas duck hunting club, more video, profiles and stats on kids than Disney has cartoons.

Not only that, they want the right kids, kids with a hockey IQ to go along with a Patriot football work ethic. Kids who aren’t necessarily the best but willing to work at being the best. Kids who brush off any preconceived notion of what they are as hockey players. He turned it into one of the best hockey/sports programs in D1 with that formula. If this wasn’t Umass or Massachusetts, he would be getting a lot more attention.

This was no fluke or easy road. Sad part is, he may go back to the NHL.

Re: Umass

Good article in the Herald today about the UMass program.

Re: Umass

Minn has 48k playing youth hockey vs Mass having 41 (17% difference)

Minn has 193 playing D1 vs Mass having 105 (84% difference)

Minn has 51 playing in NHL vs Mass having 22 (132% difference)

Minn model is community programs feeding their high schools. Think we are doing something wrong?
psssst, they skate outdoors 200 days a year starting at the age of 3.

Re: Umass

Some good points. Here is a couple of more. Mass cant compete with Minn/Canada or even Eastern European countries for "time on ice". They have many more community rinks and programs per capita, and when those aren't available, they have frozen lakes and ponds.

So, unless you have deep pockets for extra skills, camps, tournies or you are willing to be a transportation service for your bender and his 3 teams, good luck...Mass kids are never going to come close to "time on ice" versus the above areas.

It's not the secret to success, but if you have 2 benders with the same athletic ability and one gets 10 hours of ice time a week, versus 5, guess who improves?

Also, something vastly overlooked in Mass. When these cold area kids are playing pond hockey they are generally playing up with older siblings, the bigger kids, especially if they have any ability. By the time they are ready to hit or be hit, they are hardened and seasoned as they say up north.

Watch a youth game in Ontario and a kid has to get stitches before a whistle is blown. Here in Mass, you sneeze and a kid falls to the ice and the whistle blows!

You are doing a disservice to these kids with aspirations by encouraging no touch hockey.