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Re: Honey Baker

Do you find you have to work hard to be a disrespectful A**hole or does it come naturally to you. (I’m betting it’s the latter but thought I would ask.)
MVP was the kid who's sister runs the Boston Lady Whalers....he played for the Whalers all through his youth and you don't see them bragging online like the Militia would !!
Love that ^^

Re: Honey Baker

Cole Caufield won the Hobey Baker award.....he’s a 20 year old sophomore! Ridiculous
What’s your point? I graduated high school at 18 , turned 19 that summer and went to College in September. Shockingly I was a 20 year old Sophomore in College along with a ton of other kids. And I played Hockey , but this was in 1990 and it was normal to go play Division 1 hockey as an 18-19 year old Freshman.

What’s ridiculous is the first line of UMass are all 24-25 year old “Seniors”. That to me is ridiculous.
College hockey is a bit ridiculous at this point with men that are 24 or 25 still playing college hockey. St. Cloud had 7 players that are 24 years or older. BC didnt have a player over 22. Jack Eichel is the same birth year as many of the St. Cloud players and he has been in the NHL for 6 years. The avg age of St. Cloud is the same age as the Providence Bruins. NCAA hockey is dumb. Let college age players play. 18-23 then move on.