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Re: Honey Baker

Cole Caufield won the Hobey Baker award.....he’s a 20 year old sophomore! Ridiculous
What’s your point? I graduated high school at 18 , turned 19 that summer and went to College in September. Shockingly I was a 20 year old Sophomore in College along with a ton of other kids. And I played Hockey , but this was in 1990 and it was normal to go play Division 1 hockey as an 18-19 year old Freshman.

What’s ridiculous is the first line of UMass are all 24-25 year old “Seniors”. That to me is ridiculous.
College hockey is a bit ridiculous at this point with men that are 24 or 25 still playing college hockey. St. Cloud had 7 players that are 24 years or older. BC didnt have a player over 22. Jack Eichel is the same birth year as many of the St. Cloud players and he has been in the NHL for 6 years. The avg age of St. Cloud is the same age as the Providence Bruins. NCAA hockey is dumb. Let college age players play. 18-23 then move on.