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Re: Prep of HS

This sums it up...

There are invitees and show ups at all these so called "exposure events". The invitees will be red flagged and may be given slotted appointments with the well connected coaches long before they step on the ice.

If your Bender hasn't been contacted by March then you are a show up. Not meant to be demeaning just volunteering my experience. It's still worth the 400 bills."

Re: Prep of HS

I can’t imagine going to money grab showcases to pay to attend a boarding school. Especially with the schools that typically attend. It’s like you’re going out of your way to chase the slam pig who would come over with a 3am text but you’re choosing to wine and dine. And I’m sure some of you have sons who are more than capable of drawing that interest in season. To each their own I guess.

Re: Prep of HS

Its worth the 4 Bill's for the bragging rights at the Tiki bar over at the yacht club. Plus, without show ups it's not as profitable. So please donate soon.

Re: Prep of HS

I have to laugh at these dances and check writing only to see top public players sticking it to these super stars in summer tournament play. Somedays the only difference is the stickers on the helmets!