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Re: How much hockey is beneficial to a u12 player?

Is it beneficial that my little guy is going to a skating clinic tonight, skills session tomorrow, defensive specific camp on Wednesday, Friday we will hit up the skating treadmill to warm up for his 3 vs 3 that night, Saturday we managed to find a scrimmage and Sunday we have 2 skill sessions lined up. By beneficial I mean will this routine make sure he gets looked at by a few prep coaches? Its not that Im worried he is not good enough, its more that we\'re worried that his teammates will jump ahead of him (We all know they are skating 6 days a week.) In all honesty, I dont know why his full season team (2-3 practices a week, 60+ games, runs September through March) just doesn\'t commit to their players year round and offer much more. My oldest son only skated 4-5 days a week, 11 months out of the year and he was just a very average CT public high school player. Really want to do right for my last hockey player :(
What no morning workouts with a trainer followed by a nutritionist?