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The infrastructure of the facility has potential that its management needs to realize. The old saying is, it’s only worth what somebody is willing to pay. You may think the empty ice is worth 300 an hour but not if it’’s sitting idle.

It’s arguably the best rink in the area. They have 5 programs skating out of there. Is the issue related to COVID as stated in the SC article?

I’ve never understood why rinks don’t offer last minute ice discounts. Better to have some revenue coming in instead of it sitting idle.


There is more to this than ice. The rink was designed as part of a massive 100 acre sports complex that never happened. The revenue tmfrom the rink alone is not able to sustain the overall project. Without the soccer, lacrosse, pool, hotel, restaurant and other proposed afacilities this project is not financially feasible.


The revenue that this place brings in barely keeps the lights on not to mention payroll, maintenance, debt service, etc.

The ice time utilization needs to be close to 100% to make the numbers work and they're not close that.

They've been losing $ since the day they've opened.

The rink alone, without the other planned development is a losing proposition and never was planned to be that.

Someone can buy the asset on the cheap, but still will have close to an impossible task of running it in the black going forward.