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Re: Lax clubs

#1 Penguin
Lax Dad
I brought my son to Gorilla tryouts.... they kept asking him back.. and asking him back... and asking him back. No offers to stay- just keep trying out. Then, they would advertise for another new tryout. At these tryouts were 2021-2025 age kids.... and not well organized.

It made me think-if they can\'t commit to him now... when will they? Or, if he commits and a stud comes along- I don\'t trust them to keep my kid!

He went to another organization in NH... 2 tryouts, a callback and a spot on a team. That seemed more appropriate.

Penguins are near you... they seem ok when we see them at tournaments. I know one Penguin parent and they are happy.
I personally know 3 penguins and my brother is a penguin, reviews are mixed
My friend’s kid is a penguin. Loves cold weather and any type of fish. Not very well house broken though.

Re: Lax clubs

Gorilla is one of the newest programs. The program’s Director puts more time in then most Directors. He is not sitting in an office collecting checks. He is on the field for every team’s practice . He makes sure he coaches every team during the tournaments at least once. If your kid was a star or a very good player, he would have been offered a spot. My guess is he wasn’t a good fit. Best of luck in the future.