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Re: Hockey Parent Buy In Needs To Be Better

Some of you are going to be so ****** when your 16 year old starts drinking with friends and or finds out that girls are way more fun than hockey. I don't care how elite your kid is, the first girl that let's him get his hands on her will make him forget what hockey even is.

But hey, go for it, give him all the hockey can get. I'm sure all those experts who say that much hockey or any one sport for an 11 year old is insane are wrong.

15? Yeah, needs to commit, on ice, off ice, video, all of it.
Train em young. You can have a nice girl waiting and down a few beers after the games.

Re: Hockey Parent Buy In Needs To Be Better

Dude never played hockey in hs. Girls like going to watch their boyfriends play hockey. Then go out after the game. Pile on the skills before they get the girlfriends.