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Re: rich bender dad

Do you mean the dad who is on his forth team in six years and the kid is still only ten?

Re: rich bender dad

Guarantee that 10 year old knows the difference between fourth and forth. You should use numbers next time and keep it simple as not to embarrass yourself. Jackass.

Re: rich bender dad

Not with that roster #rolleagles

Re: rich bender dad

Richard Gallant is IHC not yale... fat boy all the same.

You don\'t even know who they are talking about!!!

funny you don't know.
Stop talking about Yale Youth, they are the next NE program on the move.
No they are not the next NE program on the move..
Way to greedy and cant get kids to play for them...

Re: rich bender dad

Actually have a few no one would want on their squad. Wait till you see the goal differential scores in Chicago.

Re: rich bender dad

Who’s savage? Where do these kids play ? Fed Elite ? Someone said Yale but isn’t Yale Tier 2