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Re: New England Sports Village?

Ice man
Will RR still be the GM in a few months.. Will the Hitmen have to go back to RI🤔
If the Hitmen went back to RI would anyone notice?

Re: New England Sports Village?

Anyone who was around from inception, even as a bystander, knew this was doomed. Trust me. The only people who bought in was the few that JF rounded up to invest their dough so his kid would have a place to play, close by his home and he would have a place to work and the locals who now had a shiny new rink close by. Go read the threads from when it started as a concept, everything in that thread has proven true.

The design was a failure.

The construction was a failure.

The original GC who left and cut the power was a mess with the lawsuits involved was a failure.

The concept was a great one, too bad the motivation for it and the fact that it was others people money and so poorly managed resulted in what they have now.

That place probably only becomes profitable if someone buys the land and builds houses and knocks the rink down. Such a shame.

But give dummies other peoples money and you will get dumb things as a result.

Re: New England Sports Village?

Thanks current rink manger thanks for running the rink into the ground.

Re: New England Sports Village?

Don't know how RR survive this. What a disaster the rink has been. Just rent the ice dude. Stop acting like your doing us a favor by letting us come to your castle. Its just another rink.

Jesus ✝️

Re: New England Sports Village?

The Hitmen group must not be happy about this entire thing. Seems like they put everything into RR and NESV which isn’t looking to good right now to work out. I’m sure they will be looking to head back to RI very shortly. Program seemed to be better before it went to NESV. To bad because they are good guys and had something good going for them.

Re: New England Sports Village?

I dont see the Hitmen scurrying back to RI, The Saints bought all the ice up where they Hitmen were.

Another org going the way of the dodo?