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Re: NO CHECK Bantam Division

Yeah, we do now but we did play in a check league starting first year peewees. There are more injuries now since the powers that be postponed checking to the puberty age group where some have transitioned thru and others have not. At least when there was checking in peewees everyone was on a level playing field. Maybe they should revert back to having checking earlier. Has a scientific study been done on that? Doubt it so the cupcake generation continues.

You are not even making sense.

Why was everyone on a level playing field in pee wee ?

And there is zero to back up your statement that there are more injuries now.

The move was done so that kids would stay in USA Hockey a year longer and they would postpone the quitting age, with the hope of kids not quitting at all.

That, and a focus on skill and puck handling and puck movement instead of the rock em sock em of the 80’s

Just like the no icing thing. Remember when parents said that was going to ruin the game and it didn’t. Everything will be fine.