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Re: McDavid puts up 100 !

Remember a few years ago when the dads on here stated that he was over rated and his skill in Erie would not translate to the NHL. Remember a few years ago when the dads on here said that he was playing against weak D and weak Goalies and he would never produce against shut down defensemen and NHL goalies.

This is a reminder that you are a bad judge of talent so just let your kids play and stop badmouthing other kids. You have no idea what you are talking about.
I'm sure he took 3+ months off every offseason to focus on other sports. That's the secret sauce!!!

Re: McDavid puts up 100 !

The difference between me and your son is I had talent. Your kid is an average duster who won't play in high school. Apple trees make apples! Your kid will have the same disappointing non hockey career as you did.