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Re: Girls Nattys

Woody Allen
Regardless the old man aka the Phil Jackson of women’s hockey AkA Chris Hansen’s worst nightmare AKA the count of Concord
Bounced back and shoved it up that Globe reporter and all those Whiney parents @zz. They win Nattys up in concord. Its the Mecca of Women’s Hockey.
U14 Tier 2? One team in how many years? clown...
U-14 tier 2 with all first year u-14 girls. Most national championships in women’s history. Just because you don’t have his sexual energy doesn’t mean you have to drink that Hateraide. How many Nattys your kid have under his belt? Concords Deshaun Watson will always reign king
dude you still don't get it. most teams that are competitive at Tier 2 u 14 are 13. boy oh boy. and for the record, my daughter been to 4 Nationals, won one, all at Tier 1.

Still drinking that Hateraide. Why can’t you just congratulate the man for ANOTHER National championship........ Clown. Heavy lies the crown with King Carl. The Red Whit & Blue is Back. Fear and horror amongst the Wizzy parents. They know.