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Re: MFF U14

Flames best D!
MFF will lose to MMF and Wizards this year. Top kids left just fillers now.
Flames best D ( probably best overall player) is now playing for MFR. top player from CJH is now playing for MFR. there is zero filler on this team except for the coaches kid.

And these kids won’t be playing in the Fed next year. All independent baby, get those private jets fueled up and ready to go.
Give me a break on this "Flames best D" and "probably best overall player" line of crap. Compared to what? That entire team, including the flames best D got torched every game against the top team in their 07E league. Hopefully MFF teaches him gap control, taking good angles, backwards skating and eliminating the egregious leg check each game. Thanks for the endorsement dad...glad my kids not playing with flames best d anymore. Good lord.
Have fun with Rifles and Pope CW. Once a tool , always a tool. You know who from the Huskies says hi. Hopes to see you around the rink soon.