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Re: Schedule

What orgs have given out practice schedules for PRE-parity practices?

When is the EHF going to release the schedule for parity?

When do orgs usually give out their regular season practice schedule?
I have been coaching in the league for 7 seasons, about to start #8. The parity schedule will come out about 10 days prior to the start of parity. As a coach you need to bust your directors balls for parity practice ice. Our organization typically offered 1 practice prior to April parity so this year is completely different. The season practice schedule, through Thanksgiving, comes out in early August. The schedule will adjust once high school and college hockey start, if your arena is part of that world.

Good luck

Re: Schedule

No practices for parity yet

EHF parity schedule should have come out by now but they are slow

My org gives out season practice schedule this month!