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Parity Schedule

Any guesses on when the league will post the parity schedule? I heard there are some copies floating around by age group but nothing on the site. The biggest question is whether we have to drive to Bridgewater Friday, Saturday and Sunday or just Saturday and Sunday. It cannot be this difficult to inform families this far in advance.

Re: Parity Schedule

Should be soon. Got word no parity for 13s

Re: Parity Schedule

Why not just have it held in one rink?

I do not understand all the diffferent rinks.

Re: Parity Schedule

Each rink deserves to host some games...

Re: Parity Schedule

It is in different rinks as there are hundreds of games played. The schedule will come out about 1 week ahead of time, just like every year.

Re: Parity Schedule

Always amazed at the lack of patience for these type of things. As soon as it is available you will see it.