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Re: Masks

Grow-up Trumper, It's about you and your spittal making others sick. Maybe you could spread something to someone with cancer or some other health issues they never asked to receive.

Stop making it some knuckle-dragging statement and grow a set and be a man, do your civic duty, do it for America, do it for the other more venerable citizens. America First.
But if those who are worried about catching the vid are vaccinated then you should have nothing to worry about.
Just shows what selfish little drama queen you are.

Re: Masks

Haven’t worn a mask in weeks. If I go into a place that ask me to Wear one I just leave. Liberal sheep’s.
It's funny. Most folks who think like this would say they love their country, and would do anything to protect their country. But when asked to wear a mask to help protect their country? Nope. Just a lot of sounds-good, feels-good, hollow "patriotism".