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Re: USHL Development Camp

You pay for these full season teams hoping scouts are there. Your bender gets invited to an event that has scouts its a waste of time and money. Just go to Lobster Fest this weekend and enjoy yourself.

Re: USHL Development Camp

Curious Jorge
We received an "invite only" email to this camp in Greenbay in July.

Is this a legit invite or did this email go out to everyone? If anyone has attended in the past and could provide some feedback that would be greatly appreciated.

For context, my son is a pretty strong 07 that plays on a middle of the pack AAA team.
It’s invite only to a point. Since many of the best can refuse to pay for these types of things, then mailing lists and fillers come into play. Everyone who blindly says anyone can sign up is for sure the parent of a third tier player who has no chance of seeing special teams on their mediocre AAA team, let alone playing junior hockey - cool defense mechanism, bro