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Re: To all the parents with FOMO

PB Falcon
Most retarded thing I have read all day but it gave me a laugh.

Are you trying to hand junior a recipe for mediocrity? Keep this stuff up and you aren\\\'t going to be worried about him playing high school hockey, you are going to be worried about him down P-Town during Bear week getting absolutely hollowed out by a 6\\\'6\\\" German who has the squat record at the Taunton Planet Fitness.
Oh poor boy pb falcon :( You must be my type. So manly. You must be that dad wearing the Bauer jacket who has his kid all over the spring and summer circuit. Full head of steam son! You are a loser.
Gunther is gonna get ahold of your boy and twist him up like a pretzel all because you didn’t want to drop $300 on Sunday night skills. I’m talking serious emotional damage. No HMO can heal these wounds. You need to parent better with your Dr. Phil how to hockey list.