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Re: Tournaments

My kid is at a low end tournament this weekend and having a blast. Constant smiles that you can’t put a price on. If you call something a money grab then you are a loser with an opinion. It’s all an investment in your kids. It’s all about picking the most efficient investments if money is an issue. If it’s not then let your kids play if they want to. My 10 year old will skate 365 days a year if I let her. Am I supposed to discourage that and say no you are taking a few months off to play tennis? Come on man.
You clearly do not understand the definition of an investment versus discretionary spending. You should be in government. You see an investment, delivers a return over and above your initial outlay(investment) as well as the return of your principle. What you've done is spend some retained earnings to receive some perceived intrinsic value in return such as a dinner out, concert or vacation.

You have not made an investment. You have spent to receive something(namely your kids smiles) that you believe are equal in weight to the "investment" of around $200 that you've made for 4 hours of hockey. To have invested, you would have had to left the tournament with let's say $400 for your $200 "investment" inclusive of the smiles and a t-shirt. That would have been an investment.

You let the wife peg you, don’t you? A man who talks like that loves a 7-8 inch hog, fake or real.

Re: Tournaments

Somebody could start a tournament and call it The Stupidest Parents Tournament. Guarantee the tournament would fill up and parents/ kids would be walking around with the T-shirt’s on.
Where do we sign up? My kids would play in this.