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Re: Platinum and gold

Cool story.

Sorry, but the difference between elite and platinum is exponential in terms of pace, hockey IQ, skating skill, and overall game play. Judging them against a metal-level team in a scrimmage is just apples/oranges fallacy. Go watch a practice, game, or tournament…you’re selling the elite teams and their players short to fit your argument and it’s nowhere near as close as you’ve described.
Cool story? Fit my argument?

Chill dude. The top players from my kid's platinum team last year moved on to elite team this year so I'm not going out on a limb when I say that some of these kids are interchangeable. And I never described the teams as close. In fact I said the platinum team got destroyed. I'm just saying the top line, which is no longer with us, held its own but the lack of depth turned it into a rout.

Re: Platinum and gold

And everyone knows the difference between the Elite and Platinum teams are 1-2 players who have real talent and the rest of the team is just riding their coat tails. Keep putting the pressure on your kid to try to keep up with that kid and causing your kid to hate you and the game. But hey, keep the Elite name and selling yourself the dream. The rest of us are totally fine not being Elite, working on development and waiting for your kid to get cut when it actually matters.
Elite (not just teams stuck there aka Bandits/SSK) is a huge step up from platinum. Platinum>UG>LG>S are all just 2-3 players making the difference.

Re: Platinum and gold

A$$ and tittys

Re: Platinum and gold

^^^ True ^^^