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Elite summer tournaments

Are the elite summer tournaments really helpful with exposure for the older players (bantam and above)? I believe it can be fun for the players, can someone with experience comment on the benefits of attending? I am talking about players who can compete with the same kids during the regular season, already on a decent club team, and at a good school. Do they miss anything if they choose to focus on other sports/interests or just on hockey skills? Serious question from a parent puzzled by all the twitter promotions about elite tournaments and hand picked top players. $70-80 per hour is pretty expensive for group practices and games.

Re: Elite summer tournaments

Some are.

Some are not.

I know kids that have walked away from college combines with scholarships.

I know kids that have gotten into preps from high school showcases.

So if your kid can play and is looking for a prep or college. That may be the route especially if they have another sport.

We picked a few things over the summer that would give him some potential exposure while still focusing majority of time on baseball.

I honestly feel that a summer of skills would have been fine and done those same things the following year. But. In any event. He was seen by coaches that he would not have been seen by during club hockey or high school hockey that reached out so it worked for what we wanted.

If he was already at a good school for exposure we would have skipped.