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Re: Please Help Me Understand Some Things!

Research for school work

1) At what age/level does youth hockey end and adult hockey begin?

2) What is the biggest achievement to qualify a hockey player as being a "successful" hockey player?

3) What level do most youth hockey parents see their player playing to?
A. Junior B. High School C. Prep School D. College

4) For parents that have an average youth hockey player, do feel embarrassed that your player is not "elite"?

5) For parents with a player entering their Pee Wee Minor Year, would you accept an increased tuition of $2500 if the coach was an Ex-NHL Player and did not have a son or daughter on the team?

6) When was the last time you asked your player if he or she saw themselves playing for the remainder of their life?
1. When you have a real job and you’re playing hockey at night, that’s men’s league.
2. Getting invited back to the team you play for is an achievement. There’s always kids trying to take your spot.
3. I have 2 kids that are good players in the Fed elite league. They are also very good students. I hope they can go on to play NESCAC hockey or if something big happens, Ivy Leage hockey. At the minimum, I expect them to play at high level, strong academic prep schools.
4. My boys started at tier 1 and I have a bunch of friends whose kids are still there. When we’re together in social situations, no one cares…and noone should care.
5. My kids have always had “daddy” coaches and they’ve all been great. I don’t see how being a dad with a kid on the team should be a problem.
6. My kids are constantly being put in situations where they see what “elite” really looks like. They know that’s not where they are. They’re not that far from it, but they’re realistic enough to know that they won’t be career hockey players.

Re: Please Help Me Understand Some Things!

1- Youth hockey ends when they start to drive to games themselves
2- When the kid looks forward to being at practice, games, tournaments
3- College
4- No parent should feel embarrassed but some get a little sour
5- Yes but I dont care if they have a kid on the team
6- Never asked him but he loves playing mens league with me in the summer

Re: Please Help Me Understand Some Things!

Help me explain why parents think their kid is the $@!$