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Start of season predictions

That time of year again hockey parents! The next 7 months will be filled with traveling around beautiful NH, MA, RI and CT through snow ice and rain.

It’s likely there will be a few weeks of uncomfortable turmoil due to coaches short shifting or not putting the right lines together.

Some parents will be questioning the practice plans and repeatedly refer to their own playing days to make their gripes sound more valuable.

The parents who jumped to new orgs will talk trash about the team they left.

The parents who are smart will find a quiet place in the rink so they can hide alone.

The parents who’s kid spent all offseason playing tournament and doing as many clinics as they can afford will be very proud of how their kid looks September through November. Those kids will then fade away in December to very average and their moms and dads will blame the coaches for their kids downfall.

There will be the yelling dads who slam the glass, the screaming moms who think every play should end with shoooooooot.

There will be parents who love to hammer the refs. They will question all calls. They will demand safety for their child and question dives when the opponent gets hit from behind.

The yelling coaches will be heard loud and clear. 2022 will be the year that screaming “skate” will actually make kids faster. It will also be the year that yelling “shoot” will make lanes open up to get pucks to the net.

Go get em parents! Remember, you mean more to your kids chances of hockey scholarship than any coach!

Re: Start of season predictions

Too many words to make fun of you. You suck.