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Re: CJW - Yale junior bulldogs 08

I wouldn't boast of a victory over the BA or SPA teams. It's been said before, these teams would probably finish in bottom 2/3rds of Fed. The report from a connection at the Ct event was, not very impressed with the BA or SPA teams. Top 3 or 4 on BA are legit, maybe 2 from SPA, the rest are rainbow in the Fed.
Well, there you have it an anonymous hockey expert who has a connection in CT that says 08 BA and SPA teams aren't good. Glad we cleared that up before the season starts. Please carry on with your expert hockey opinion, can't wait to hear more in depth analysis on why teams aren't good.

Re: CJW - Yale junior bulldogs 08

Fact of the matter is, the top ranked teams have 8 to 10 premiers, middle pack, 5 to 8, bottom 3 to 5. It's not a knock on a program, a kid or a team. It is what it is in today's watered down club hockey. And, at this age group, a premier goalie can move a team up a notch. Call me when you find one!