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Re: Brick Team Tryouts

I suppose it could vary from year to year but in general I would say your right - the Brick team is comprised of kids who have already been playing for them. If your kid is a top talent on an elite level team I would say he has a shot so just because he hasn\'t been on the Jr. Bruins team in the past shouldn\'t be a deciding factor. The bottom line is that these coaches want the best team they can get.

Also correct, it you don\'t make the National Elite team (Brick team) you could still make the Elite team. Not sure the particulars of the travel and how they decide which teams go. If you decided to tryout they should be able to give you a better idea on that. It seems the National Elite team travels more but it probably varies from tournament to tournament.

Good luck either way.
Interesting. Thanks. I see at the 2012 for the Boston Showdown they had 3 teams in there. A National Elite Black, National Elite Gold, and then Elite. Maybe they just split the National Elite kids between two teams, and then the tryouts will be those kids all trying to make a single Brick team.

Re: Brick Team Tryouts

Jr Bruins
Not looking for a discussion around whether this team is just a money grab or whether it is already set. Generally more just curious how these tryouts work. I see they have a number of dates and say that everyone trying out will play in multiple games for the tryout. Do they do a series of full ice 5v5 games, or is it something like 3v3? In looking at Brick series tournaments, I see multiple Jr Bruins teams listed. Are the tryouts essentially for all of those teams in the sense that they may field 2 or 3 teams (national, elite, gold, black, white, etc.)? So do the top 15 or so make the Brick team, and then 16-30 on the second team, so on and so forth? Do kids that play on this team also play on regular EHF/E9 teams as well?
Do your kid a favor and run, don't walk, as far away from all this crap as fast as you can. The fact that you're reading about it and indulging in it says you're already halfway down the wrong path.