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Re: E9 Parity

I can see my kids U14 schedule because his coach sent it to us but how do I see the schedule for the other teams? I don’t see it listed on the E9 site for U14.

Re: E9 Parity

This weekend is the highly anticipated E9 parity tournament. Let’s have some fun with this and let’s hear what you think are the games that will help decide who makes the E9. Since we are all pretty much stuck up in the Haverhill/Lawrence area all weekend what is your must stop at place for some local food and beverages?
Here are some places around Haverhill area.

Game Time in Amesbury. Axe throwing, bowling and a good bar/food. Not too far from the Haverhill rink. Worth checking out if you want to kill a few hours.

Breakfast always liked Dominic's at Lawrence Airport, especially with smaller kids. Jimmy K's in Plaistow is good too. Perfecto's in North Andover is more grab and go.

Take the wife out, hit up Newburyport. Plenty of good spots near the water.

Italian Trattoria Amalfi in Salem (usually need a reservation)

Grill Next Door is solid. Microbrews are their thing. That is in Haverhill, not far from the rink.

A bunch of restaurants are in North Andover on 125.

Re: E9 Parity

Butcher Boy in North Andover is a must. Less than 5 minutes from the rinks in Haverhill.

Re: E9 Parity

Oak and Iron Brewing in Andover is 5 minutes from Lawrence rink. Good beer and usually a food truck there on weekend.

Re: E9 Parity

White Buffalo just over the boarder in Salem NH is the place to be. $2 beers and drinks and the food is amazing.

Re: E9 Parity

Never heard of E9. Thought that it was some A level league.

Re: E9 Parity

It is that league that crowned a champion last year unlike the EHF.

Re: E9 Parity

garden salad at Main St Pizza in Tewksbury near Breakaway is really good.

Re: E9 Parity

Let’s hear some of the big first round games for the U14 level. It will be interesting to see the “2” teams for Advantage