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Re: Eastern Alliance Kickoff

IRS investigators will be at Marlboro in the morning. News crews on the way too. Owner and poor wrist band sellers will be led out in handcuffs !
You won’t report them. No balls.

Re: Eastern Alliance Kickoff

Never mind that that is ridiculous!

Our thought should be with the Young man whom was injured yesterday. Boston Bulldogs!

FMC Rink Hopedale. If you are charging people $25 to $15 to watch Hockey you should have a Medic. present.
Our son has been to many tournaments where there is a medic present.

The response by the referees, coaches and stay was TERRIBLE!
Young man in need of help. Parents had to give aid. Letting the players get close and stand near and around was terrible for them to watch.

Response time by local fire was awful and not even one cop.

God bless the young man and his family