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Re: Boston Breakout

Just received guidelines - our team pulled out

Some rinks are requiring vaccines for players AND spectators

Or covid tests

Under 12 siblings are not even eligible to walk in bc aren’t eligible for vaccines

Like someone posted this week, teams got our money, masked up kids and the jab - should have know better!

Not long before other states catch on to these marching orders!
Stop Lying.

They said Wednesday that spectators under 12 do not have to test.
Thank you! Also, it's not 'some rinks''s one rink (Merrimack College) and unfortunately everyone needs to play by their rules when at their rink. Doesn't seem like the tournament directors like it, but it is what it is. It also doesn't take away from the fact that theres a decent list of teams attending which should make for a good tournament.
I drove on campus on Sat. Was not asked for test results for my player nor was I asked to provide proof of vax. I walked past the 2 college kids who were at the “info” desk without a mask on, watched the entire game without a mask along with every single other person in the rink and nobody could have cared less. Was complete scare tactic.

Re: Boston Breakout

Kids played in four rinks at the Breakout this weekend. Not a mask in sight, none required at entry.