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Re: Tournament Directors

Can you please stop booking games on a Friday at 7am or anything before 3pm. Some of us value or child's education. For the parents who don't care see you at Walmart.
I value my child's education too!!

Most hockey children I know are very good in school, more disciplined than their classmates, similar or better grades, better behaved, and overall work harder. I have never had a teacher complain about my child's performance in school. I took him out early for a tournament and brought them in late to school for a practice for years. One teacher raised an eyebrow. One principal stepped in and told me it wont be problem. I value education, and my hockey player gives a great effort and has excellent grades.

If you complain about the money, stop. You will lose friends. You said yes to hockey a long time ago. The cost was never a secret!!

My child has been to Canada a couple times, played across the US a couple of times, I hope we will have a chance to play in Europe before this S##tshow comes to an end. It will be a far greater childhood than I had. I already consider it a huge success. Let your kid skip a day of school a few times a year. He/she will love you more for it.