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Re: Dealing with daddy coaches

Go around and ask about the 2010 Elite Islander team for years 2019-2021. By the time they ran a decent coach out, but a Daddy knows best coach as well who overplayed his child. 5+/- good hockey players left the team to play elsewhere almost all at once. Unfortunate, but not the only story of its kind, in any year.

Talk to other coaches before you child joins the team and be direct with the coach about his gamesmanship and development. There are some very good Dad coaches out there. Do your best to find one. That's all you get until Bantam's

Re: Dealing with daddy coaches

We had an alcoholic narcissist for a head coach, a drunk assitant coach and a coach that wasn't a drunk but made sure his kid was overplayed. One more coach that helped out and was great and they ran him out of town. A bad situation got even worse. But it was close to home!