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Re: Coaches yelling from bench??

+1. I wish my kid\'s coach would give him a nice kick in the ass once in a while.
Send him to TG or Bandits. Sounds like they have no problems doing that
Nothing says development like yelling commands from the bench hahahaahha. Just livebarneed a couple clips from this weekend. Well worth the entertainment 😀

Re: Coaches yelling from bench??

screaming from the bench does nothing but freeze up the young player when he hears it, while also taking away the players own decision making development. very counter productive. let them play and make their own decisions, coach them before or after not during.

Re: Coaches yelling from bench??

But what would the kid do without parents coaching from stands??? Hahaha hockey is so much fun

Re: Coaches yelling from bench??

Turd Ferguson
I urge you to attend a 2013 Top Gun "elite" game. You will feel a lot better about your kids coaches.
I can tell you after watching last night the practices are even worse.

Re: Coaches yelling from bench??

I watched my son play youth hockey and his coach was strict but fair and never yelled during games. He yelled at practices to get his point across. In my humble opinion find a good coach and stick with him. You don't scream at youth hockey players and expect results, wait until high school! And parents take it easy and stop the screaming and foolishness at games! Let the kids enjoy the game and make memories because it doesn't last forever!