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Re: Refs Blew it for Us

What’s new??!! My sons u10 game was sabotaged by the refs. Where do they find these guys? Do they not realize how much we pay in tuition only for games to be blown on cruddy calls? If you can skate the game don’t take them. It’s simple.
My guess is the officials heard you screaming like a banshee at every call or non-call, realizing you had no understanding of the rules and they decided they were going to teach you a lesson by screwing your kids team. You were easy to spot in team jacket and hat, banging on the glass.

Here are just a few things to consider next time:

Was the game on time or running late? If the game was running late, I'm sure the officials had a visit or two from the rink manager telling them to speed the game up or flip to running time.

How many games had the officials already worked that day? Officials are being scheduled six to eight games a day because there just aren't enough to cover all the games.

Are they missing easy calls (offsides, goals, etc.) or judgmental calls like hooking?

Lastly, even if you played "back in the day", how well do you understand today's rules?

I'm not saying they didn't miss an offsides or hooking call or two but I'm sure they missed it both ways. If your kids team couldn't overcome a missed call, that's on them.

You have a very long journey ahead of you. I suggest you learn to just sit in the stands & cheer and after the game, just make sure your kid had or lose. If not, you are clearly missing the point of youth sports.

Re: Refs Blew it for Us

Sabotaged??!! HA HA HA HA. Are you for real?!

Aside from awarding numerous penalties in the final minute, no amount of calls could sabotage little Johnny's team. A judgement call (tripping, hooking, etc) in the final 2 min could MAYBE prevent you from a comeback or breaking a tie, but it won't force a loss if you aren't already losing. If you can't secure the win before that then maybe question how they played, or better yet...get a grip. It's 10 yr old KID's hockey!!!

Hate to break this to you, but U10 is not the pros and no ref (no matter how bad they are) can throw a mite/squirt game. I usually ref 3-4 games per weekend (get asked to do way more). This weekend had close to 80 EHF games WITHOUT refs assigned. Refs are handling more games solo and even coaches are now being asked to ref games if there isn't coverage. Do you wonder why we have a ref shortage and losing even more each week? Parents (and some coaches) like you!

Think you can do better? Lace up and get on the ice!! (

Or, how about give Johnny a juice box and find another outlet for your frustration. We will all be much happier.

P.S. LMK what team your kid's on so I can be sure to decline those games.

Re: Refs Blew it for Us

It’s possible for refs to be incompetent thin skinned knobs while this guy also is a inbred moron, FYI.

Re: Refs Blew it for Us

It’s possible for refs to be incompetent thin skinned knobs while this guy also is a inbred moron, FYI.
You are correct, they aren't mutually exclusive but in my experience for every "incompetent thin skinned knobs" officiating a U10 game there are 100 out of control parents & coaches. I find most of the truly incompetent officials are doing Bantam/Midgets and MIAA games. Although, since half the games at Bantam/Midget so far only have one official, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt right now.

Re: Refs Blew it for Us

It’s possible for refs to be incompetent thin skinned knobs while this guy also is a inbred moron, FYI.
That is true...and I was a coach for MANY more years before I starting officiating. Something about the stripes makes a few of them power trip. Pro tip, be respectful to them and they will be respectful back (apart from that one thin skinned knob). That said, there are far fewer refs like that than dick parents or coaches. Sure, be more critical as you move up in age (Bantam/Midget) where you do need some level of competence to control a rowdy game, but at U10? get a grip. Don't be a dick like the OP.