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Re: Testing out PP system for mites

Forget about the PP systems at mite. Guys their is no way a mite is working on PP. Its unfortunate that grown adults would let a mite team run systems. This needs to be reported to the EHF and the E9 directors.
You must be new to this site because you are totally missing the point of this thread so please don\\\\\\\'t ruin it with your righteous BS. The OP posted a sarcastic comment about PP at mites then from there each and every other post is following suit all the while trying to one up each others post with more extreme sarcasm. Everyone knows pp and systems are not mite level which is why this post is hilarious. So please refrain from posting on this thread anymore, you are stripping me of the only humor I have in my miserable pathetic life because my bender got cut and his coach is still texting my wife for what she says is for updates up on my benders development for a possible spot on the team next year!!!
Jokes on you boss.
you\'re hilarious
Nice comment
No you smell