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Re: Q standings

Le Q
Terriers 5-1 games remaining Kings, Flames, Breakers
PHC 5-1 games remaining Flames, Islanders, Top Gun
Eagles 5-2 games remaining Top Gun, Huskies
Huskies 4-2-1 games remaining Eagles, Top Gun
Flames 3-1-2 games remaining PHC, Terriers, Islanders
Top Gun 2-2-1 games remaining Eagles, PHC, Bandits, Huskies

Terriers seem to have righted the ship and have the easy schedule. PHC can lose to all 3 of the teams they play and the Eagles look like they are the best team in the league. Flames crush their hopes with a tie to the Bandits. Huskies destroy their hopes with a loss to the Bandits.

Terriers 8-1 0 games remaining
PHC 6-1 games remaining Islanders, Top Gun
Eagles 6-2-1 0 games remaining

PHC 1 win or tie away.
Good for Terriers.

How did the Eagles drop 5 points in qualifying? Aren't they ranked 4th in the country?
they **** themselves against tg