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Re: 05 Max Pro Jets

Top 6 or 7 kids are playing at competitive levels and the rest are still with Max or the imperials. :joy:

BHA, Dexter (Whalers), Arlington Catholic (Terriers), Bishop Kearney (2), BBN, Austin Prep.

They would have beat a few EHF elite teams and most of the E9. They never lost to a platinum team.

You mad your EHF "Elite" kid ended up playing behind a dreaded PHL kid, because that is 100000000% happening with several of these kids.

Re: 05 Max Pro Jets

Be careful. EHF dads are sensitive.

Re: 05 Max Pro Jets

My kid pla*** EHF Elite and Platinum/Black from Squirt to Bantam Minor. Pla*** PHL premier as a U14. There were some really good teams, some god awful teams and some in the middle. It was good for a 1/2 season team and kept the legs moving for high school. It serves its purpose and really shouldn’t be looked down on. I’d rather play in the PHL again over the cluster that the BHL/E9 is.

Re: 05 Max Pro Jets

Who cares.... MPJ is a trash organization

Re: 05 Max Pro Jets

Who cares.... MPJ is a trash organization
All club organizations are in it for the money. EHF, BHL/E9, PHL.

There are only a few standup organizations in each league.

Re: 05 Max Pro Jets

Decent team but ****ed most Fed black teams and won against white teams. Mediocre at best

Re: 05 Max Pro Jets

This team destro*** the competition for years. Won the PHL Premier for 4years in a row. Where are these kid playing now??
Hahhahaha there isn’t one good player from that team. A few average kids. Give me a break.