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Re: Springfield Rifles "Elite"

What age? They have some good teams at the 07 and 08 age levels.

E9 championships coming soon
Their 07 and 08 teams at the E9 and BHL level suck.
They’re better than you are Fat Dad.
Are they really though?
Do these 12 year olds go on the dboard to bash other 12 year olds?

Re: Springfield Rifles "Elite"

No, they are not. They pretty much have 2 kids, 1 D and 1 forward, who are good. Shut them down and they are average, at best.

Re: Springfield Rifles "Elite"

09 only have 9 skaters each game so if you are looking to join call the coach

2008-2012-2013 teams good

the rest struggle

Re: Springfield Rifles "Elite"

Cash grab

Re: Springfield Rifles "Elite"

isnt every hockey org and every other club sports teams org a cash grab